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Holistic Health Transcendence

Healing with
Micro-energy Medicine

Modern research captures the photography of micro-energy and makes invisible vibrations visible among biological organisms, aligning seamlessly with the ancient principles of energy healing.

Understanding Micro Energy

The Basics of Micro-energy Medicine

Micro-energy medicine might sound a bit puzzling initially, but it's a strong way to boost our health. It's based on ancient wisdom about energy healing, refined by modern science. Think of us as tiny parts connected to the universe. In this context, 'medicine' doesn't always mean something you eat! So, what's the aim of micro-energy medicine? It's about boosting our well-being and performance by adjusting the energy around and inside our bodies.


The traditional concept of energy healing comes from two major sources. The first is believed to be spiritual, which comes from the Great Spirit of divine power above. Ancient energy healing has its roots in the scriptures, where the Almighty Creator is considered the master of all spirits and energies. Therefore, the divine healing of Jesus Christ is attributed to this kind of spiritual energy healing. This can be alternatively interpreted in modern science as the "collective unconscious" by Carl Jung (b. 1875 – d. 1961) – the famed Swiss new-age analytical psychologist. " Collective unconscious" can be a shared mental spirit in the quantum field which can synergistically affect the connection of the human mind and body.


Another kind of energy healing comes from the earth. It is manifested through practices such as Reiki, Ayurveda, and acupuncture. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine also fundamentally deals with energy in its basic element, "Chi." Although the approaches may differ, the underlying philosophy is one of unity, acknowledging the interconnected nature of Mind, Body, and Spirit through the Holistic Health Trinity.


Today, all these time-honoured methods are redefined and integrated through valuable research and experiments in Micro Energy.

Holistic Health Transcendence

Capturing the Photography of
The Invisible Power

Our bodies are not just a collection of cells, blood, and neurons, but a complex electro-biochemical system conducting energy.

Before the advent of Kirlian photography, Micro Energy is regarded as invisible power. Kirlian photography is a technology developed by Semyon Kirlian by chance in 1939. Kirlian accidentally captured the aura as energy field around living entities. This offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of bioenergy. The vibrant halos of energy can be identified from any objects, such as a simple crystal, or a human hand, all revealing another dimension which we previously considered invisible!

Pictures of Kirlian photography

Holistic Health Transcendence
Holistic Health Transcendence

Objects under Kierlian photography typically show a silhouette of an object surrounded by an aura of light.


Compared with the same cotton pants dyed with chemicals, the pants dyed with prepared Herbs show an aura of harmony and richness, like a nebula.


Objects under Kierlian photography typically show a silhouette of an object surrounded by an aura of light.


Compared with the same cotton pants dyed with chemicals, the pants dyed with prepared Herbs show an aura of harmony and richness, like a nebula.

My Journey to Wellness: Conquering Sleep Problems

Long-term Insomnia

Early in my life, I grappled with chronic sleep issues, anxiety, long-term mild depression, and relentless overthinking. Surprisingly, I never noticed this would be a health dilemma as medical examinations and diagnoses showed no apparent health concerns for subhealth and chronic mental stress and no treatment either. All this left me baffled by my body's silent cries for help.

Lab examinations showed I was "Healthy." Yet, the signs were there.
· Endless Fatigue
· Thin and Weak
· Mood Swings
· Lingering Depression
· Irregular Periods
· Elusive Sleep
· Constant Insomnia
· Dark and Yellowish Complexion

Sad on Couch
EEG Procedure
EEG Procedure

Sleep Deprivation

In my quest for peace, I turned to sleeping pills, unaware of their effects on my nervous system and mental balance. Eventually, they lost their potency as these psychiatric medicines easily develop resistance, leaving me at a loss.

My life took a devastating turn when I lost my father suddenly to advanced cancer, plunging me into severe sleep deprivation at the end of 2012. I didn't sleep for a single minute for 7 days and nights in a row.

My psychologist was scared and referred me to psychiatric doctors. Then, I was prescribed psychiatric medicines, which took a further toll on my health. I was told this was the only solution to help me. Still, they brought me new challenges—neuralgia, agitation, and phobia—alongside unexplained weariness every night until I set out on a path of integrative Micro-energy Healing!

Rest Like A Newborn

In my personal battles with long-term stress and subhealth, I've found strength in metamorphosis through an unconventional path: A harmonious symphony of ancient wisdom integrated with modern methodology to improve neurogenesis:

- Acoustic Aroma Factor empowered NeuroSPA,

- Traditional Chinese Herbs,
- Driving Chi circulation within in the connection of Mind, Body and Spirit by Micro Energy Healing,
- Mildly exaggerated natural stimuli based on Neuro-Linguistic Plasticity with music therapy,

- Assorted Home Ambience and Aesthetic Mindful Living Products.

Sleeping Baby


Acoustic Aroma Factor Tech

NeuroSPA, the integrative Micro Energy healing with the help of neuroscience technology Acoustic Aroma Factor Tech modulates the imbalance long before it manifested into illness, improving overall life quality and longevity. [product link]

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The Science of Micro-energy Medicine

The Mystery of Neurons in Quantum Scope

Holistic Health Transcendence

The human body is a network of trillions of interwoven cells, and they exchange information as microelectrical waves and micronutrients. Recent research has shown that a single neuron can receive multiple signals up to 400 pre-synaptic inputs and has as many as 15,000 connections with direct/indirect neighbouring neurons! An invisible but intricate micro-electric and magnetic mesh fundamentally constructs us. Can you imagine the importance of synchronizing your body’s micro-energy from a quantum level instead of using isolated treatments that only deal with individual threads?

The Hurdles and The Path
Forward in Micro-energy Medicine

The more we advance in Biology and cell science, the more we discover that there is a powerful invisible force on the other side of the veil of the visible. We now know that neurons receive and send out micro-electrical stimulations to enable the exchange of information, but we are on the verge of discovering exactly what that information is – the nature and the truth in the invisibles. Micro-energy Medicine represents the convergence of ancient wisdom and modern science—combining the spiritual with the physical into a balance. This is a hidden pathway to unlocking the full potential of human beings.

When we strive to integrate diverse elevation techniques into the guidelines of Holistic Health Transcendence for an abundant life, we move towards a more comprehensive understanding of health. This journey is complex, and it requires persistence. But the rewards are immeasurable.

Despite the intriguing premise, energy medicine has inevitably met with traditional skepticism and controversy, often pushed to the fringes of accepted medical practices. As science and technology evolve, these barriers are gradually being dismantled. Increasingly, the lens of modern science is being turned towards the integration with the wisdom in ancient practices, revealing its potential in an entirely new light.

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