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Holistic Health Transcendence

The Essence of Chinese Healing

A Tale of Ancient Wisdom

Traditional Chinese Healing as Ancient Micro-energy Medicine

The Book “Esoteric Family Canon of Yellow Emperor,” a profound document in Chinese health philosophy, has left an indelible mark on human history. Within the venerable strokes of an ancient brush, the very essence of holistic healing was forever woven into our collective consciousness.



It was a system interwoven with the tapestry of Chinese culture, tradition, and religion. Now, with the wisdom of millennia at our disposal, we will embark on a journey into the heart of this holistic healing system. Let’s explore this amazing world in these ways:


- The essence of the Book of Esoteric Family Canon of Yellow Emperor.

- The Traditional Chinese Healing with prepared herbs.

- The enduring influence of "Five Elements."

- Decoding the Universe with Yin/Yang Mechanism.

In the vast tapestry of the cosmos, the Emperor saw patterns.

The Book of “Esoteric Family Canon of Yellow Emperor” 


The Emperor discerned that the universe was elegantly sorted into five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water – each with its own characteristics. This elemental framework and the dualism of Yin/Yang form the bedrock of the ever-changing universe.


Each element aligns with food ingredients, Tastes, and the Organs they affect. Imagine a ripe peach – it bares Yin and Yang in a natural balance, the way its sweet taste lingers on the tongue, the succulent juice pacifying the lungs. This is the essence of the Metal element.

 Balance is Paramount


The Main Focus of Traditional Chinese Prepared Herbs.


According to the Emperor's perspective, aside from urgent cases, there is no 'disease,' only imbalance. When we accumulate an excess of one or more elements, internal disharmony ensues, giving rise to ailments.



For example, an excess of Fire and Metal sparks restlessness, while abundant Earth extinguishes the vitality of Water. This ancient cycle forewarns of waning health, fortune, and energy. This negative micro-energy stagnates in the connection of Mind, Body, and Spirit and ultimately manifests in the lab test after a prolonged time.

Five Element.jpg

FIVE Elements

Integrative healing with the help of Chinese Herbs, NeuroSPA with neuroscience technology Acoustic Aroma Factor Tech modulates the imbalance long before it manifested into illness, improving overall life quality and longevity. 

Enduring  Influence  of  Five  Elements

Rejuvenation through the Five Elements


The Emperor believed that the most fundamental principle of the world couldn't use its “name” to explain. For the same reason, the ancient Chinese healing system doesn't offer a diagnosis but a cure for the roots. This is because our body is a complex and excellent system, just like the universe. Only when we are resonant in the form of a positive vibration can ultimate healing and rejuvenation be sparked in a regenerative cycle.

Metal gives rise to Water, Water to Wood, Wood to Fire, and Fire to Earth. And Earth gives rise to Metal.

When we align ourselves in a natural flow, the eternal Five Elements principle becomes our healing approach to reach an ultimate balance.


Pink Sand

Decoding  the  Universe  with 

Yin/Yang  Mechanism

 The Elements of Life


Our body and mind are a complex matrix that maps to the Five Elements. Each Organ, Mood, and Taste* resonates with a different element and corresponds to a Yin or Yang attribute.


By grasping the interconnections between the Five Elements and Yin/Yang, we can steer our health toward a more fulfilling and joyous existence, reaching a new shore of life's abundance and contentment.

Integrative healing with the help of Chinese Herbs, NeuroSPA with neuroscience technology Acoustic Aroma Factor Tech modulates imbalance long before it manifests into illness, improving overall life quality and longevity.

*  In traditional Chinese healing, Organ, Mood, and Taste possess philosophical definitions. Therefore, these terms are capitalized in this field.

Holistic Health Transcendence

Holistic Living with the Five Elements Through Food

Finally, we learn how to use our best medicine for almost any situation. After all, what can be a better way to maintain balance and harmony than through the food we consume?


Here, we connect each element with the recommended food groups. From grains like rice that align with the Metal element to beef that holds Earth's characteristics, these

choices allow us to harmonize our internal balance. Tuning these elements in the human Holistic Health Trinity leads to a holistic and mindful life.

Explore how the Five Elements can nurture a positive cycle in our mind, body, and soul to provide us with a path to holistic life-health transcendence.

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