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Holistic Healing on Your
Body, Mind, and Spirit



Products and Services including: Integrative self-care solution in Mind Body Spirit healing; energy healing; NeuroSPA Acoustic Aroma healing and Kitchen Lab edible skincare product (coming up soon).

Healing in Your Inner Child

In the kaleidoscope of life, my colors were hued with trauma, etched into my existence from generation to generation. Each reflection told a story – a story of a family entwined in silent conflicts, laden with indifference, echoes of blame.

My parents, different as sun and moon, were brought together by the tempests of China's social turbulence over half a century ago. Their marriage was a mad miracle. As a result, my early years were steeped in the haunting fear of family breakdown and emotional outbursts that danced on the edge of my mind like cruel shadows.

This toxic environment greatly nurtured my natural sensitivity, leading to an isolated childhood seeking solace in reading. Ancient Chinese books became my refuge, a world away from the storm of reality. Little did I know, my retreat is usually defined today as a way to mask the symptoms of autism, depression, and the anxiety that quietly suffused my existence.

My body had also become imprinted with those emotional etchings. The chronic stress caused severe nutritional deficiencies that led to an imbalance throughout my endocrine system.

In ancient Chinese medicine, the endocrine system has another name:



“Microcosmic circulation”, a system of Chi that balances Holistic Health with the connection of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Holistic Health Transcendence
Holistic Health

The Consequences:
Nutritional Deficiency and My Many Failed Attempts at Healing

I accumulated varied unsuccessful healing experiences from an early age. A chorus of silence screamed in my body as my cells cried out for nutrition. It was amplified by my brain's desperate overuse in reading, the turmoil of emotion, and relentless nights filled with stress. My mother tried to drown out my silent screams with TV-advertised nutritional supplements, folk prescriptions, and a whirlwind of Western and Chinese herbal medicine from hospitals. I tried them all.

But her efforts were as effective as plastering over cracks in a crumbling wall. Despite frequently rushing to visit the doctors and numerous attempts at medicine and nutrition, my health deteriorated further, leading to an endocrine disorder.

I felt like a vessel, filled to the brim with potions and remedies. Intriguingly, I was not getting better, but instead, depleted. Despite the array of supplements on my desk, I continued to dance with an unsettling partner, Subhealth. I finally accepted my reality: I felt I was born to have an incomplete life.

Either my mind should open itself, or a different permeable light needed to break the invisible seals closing off the cells of my body. Then and only then can real absorption happen.

       " The chronic deficiency in my health shows that most

modern healing approaches have overlooked the spectrum

of Holistic Health as a whole"

As a matter of fact, I was not doomed to be a sickly child, but my cells rejected the natural nutrition in food, mirroring my mental withdrawal from the world.

A Paradigm Shift:
Realizing the Pearl Of Great Value of
Holistic Healing

In the aftermath of three failed marriages and a spiral of domestic violence, my world became a battlefield. I was at war with my mental conditions, which waged destructive campaigns against my Holistic Health. My physical health wilted in sync with my mental decline, as if the two were composing a song of lament.

My father passed away due to the overtreatment of advanced cancer in 2012. This was the final punch that sent me spiraling, suddenly on the precipice of life and death, spinning in a state of slow suicide. I plunged myself into the abyss of severe sleep deprivation, paranoia…

Finally, a misdiagnosis of schizophrenia abducted my mind into an edge of a blackhole from which I might not return… All of these events shook my world to its core.

There came within a grim revelation that leads to a new understanding. In my darkest days, a thought rose up – Health is the pearl of great value. While people often take it for granted, it was the missing piece in my puzzle. From the ashes of burning roses, the flame of a sincere desire for change, enlightened me to a new purpose:

"To heal myself in the integration of ancient wisdoms and modern science"

Holistic Health

Embracing the Change: Meeting Higher Self
Through Integrative, Holistic Healing

Dawn broke after the wilted night.

I found my second chance in the integration of neuroscience and Micro Energy Healing with the connection of Mind, Body and Spirit. I recovered from life-long subhealth with the help of a spectrum self-transcendence as holistic living matrix [shop all].

I used my new knowledge to redefine ancient wisdoms in the war against the health shadows that loomed over me. I morphed into a white lab-mouse, devouring the science of nutrition, exploring and practicing on myself. After countless battles, I finally claimed my victory in Holistic Health.

This wasn't a mere change - it was a transformation, a metamorphosis. My recovery story was akin to a myth, like a phoenix rising from the deepest despair to the peaks of human potential, flying effortlessly through the sky.

       See my health transcended through the following photos: 

Holistic Health


Before the storm of my parental family, I lived a happy and light life as most of the other children.



I didn't understand I was trapped into chronical depression and anxiety due to the childhood wound. When I suffered Autism, depression and anxiety, my body cells also shut down themselves to the nutrients. When I was 14 years old in 1990, my height was 169 CM, my weight was only 45 KG.



My chronical depression and anxiety was developed into slow suicide and sleep deprivation. When sleeping pills were not helping me anymore, I had to take psychiatric medicine from 2013.



When I cut off the toxic relationship with my narcissist ex-husband, and treated myself with integrative self-healing, from 2019, I gradually recovered from long term mental syndrome, withdrew the psychiatric medicine through integrative holistic self-healing.

Holistic Health Transcendence

Holistic Healing:
The Ultimate Journey and Destination

Holistic Health

This is a journey, an adventure filled with both joy and sorrow.

Childhood trauma, stressful events, and social reality have all been engraved on each person’s psyche, subtly influencing their health through the invisible quantum field, a world and a dimension that affects everything. Mine is no exception.

Mainstream health examinations could only offer a hollow silhouette of health. They couldn't unravel the tapestry of factors associated with a person’s environment - neither on the conscious or unconscious level. The path of Holistic Health is like navigating through a labyrinth; each turn, each dead-end, each backtrack is a step towards a better understanding of our inner mind.

This is the reality that most typical tests fail to reflect: the nuances of the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit.

My journey illustrates the importance of a personalized approach to nutrition and micro-energy circulation, and how that balance can lead to experiencing fullness in every area of life. Ultimately, the shift to Holistic Health is more than just recovery - It is a transcendence towards an infinite harmony in various dimensions.

                   " Holistic Health is the leverage everyone need to enjoy the fullness of life."

 BY Rosalyn Hui Zhang

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