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Spiritual Healing

Health pulses at the core of all life. It determines every aspect of our existence, from happiness to fulfilment. We all must strive to move closer to a better Holistic Health status. In the most practical situation, a Holistic Health mindset means to putting the ACTION first in place


According to the records in the Bible, the well-known Hebrew patriarch of Abrahamic religions, Abraham, lived to be 175 years old. The founder of Chinese cuisine, Peng Tzu, and the author of Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu, lived hundreds of years. Peng Tzu created the Chinese belief that the art of food can help achieve longevity; Lao Tzu inherited the philosophy of the Yellow Empire and ushered in a new era for the practice of nurturing Chi. In later years, the founder of Taoism, Dao Ling John (b. 34 – d. 156), lived 120 years, and the master of Chi, San Fong John (b. 1247 – d. 1458), lived 211 years without modern technology.

​The primary strategy of ancient Chinese wisdom is to obtain Holistic Health through Micro Energy healing to nurture the Mind/Body connection. Our ancestors believed herbal medication, tonics, dietary healing, and Chi meditation could help the unification between nature and human beings. At the same time, traditionally, people also had faith that only a high level of spiritual morality can achieve true health. Sometimes sacred rites can also help:

       " Health is a unique blessing from heaven."

Health Trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit seems like a miracle. It often reveals different results for different people. They can unify themselves with nature in such harmony. People believed those wise men were not temporal human beings at all. It seems like they achieved longevity with the help of divine power.


How about we change the way we discuss this topic? Those saints were more manifested as spiritual beings. 'Isn't it showing us that the spirit reigns over the other two factors in the Trinity of Holistic Health?


Starting around the Industrial Revolution, with material prosperity, this belief in the Holistic Health Trinity gradually became seen as pseudoscience. It was  complex,and challenging to fit into the verification system of modern science. We were reminded only when we found more and more intractable diseases in our current medical system. When people whose incurable physical discomfort was released after their mental stress was alleviated, the power of the invisible connection of Mind, Body and Spirit became self-evident. We gradually became aware of the importance of redefining ancient wisdom in integrative healing [Refer to the Comparison of Healing systems].​


In the last 100 years, spirituality has emerged again at the table of science. In the view of the quantum mechanism, the spirit in this Holistic Trinity can be assumed that there is Micro Energy from the invisible dimension interacting with human minds and cells. New age psychologist Carl Jung describes (b. 1875 – d. 1961) as "collective unconsciousness" Jung believed that the concept of the collective unconscious helps to explain why similar themes occur in mythologies around the world, and the collective unconscious has a profound influence on the lives of individuals. This suggests that science can be the pathway to reconnect us to spirituality. From this point, Mind, Body and Spirit form the Trinity of true health, and this Health Trinity plays a decisive role in everyone.

" We are approaching a new era empowered by the integration of evolving science and the reinterpretation of ancient wisdom to find the fullness of health and life."

Five Element.jpg

Health, ultimately, can be the lens through which to see all things. Tenderly taking care of our Holistic Health through the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit, nothing is "outside" of the scope.


Spiritual healing takes care of all the seven pillars of your Holistic Health and helps you identify the imbalance between they gradually stepped into an illness:

1.     Physical Health

2.     Emotional Health

3.     Mental Health

4.     Intellectual Health

5.     Social Health

6.     Spiritual Health

7.     Sexual Health

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