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1st Version PARADOX Compilation: 




Life is full of paradoxes.

"Sometimes, the things that come from different origins and are regarded as completely divergent, have the same core and nature. Sometimes, the things that superficially look like the same thing, are in fact, poles apart."

Rosalyn Hui’s holistic recovery from the severe mental and sub-health syndrome, as well as her family’s poor health history help to show that the understanding of disease might need to be discussed once more in our changing time: “Medicine isn’t the best approach to provide a cure.”

Rosalyn has developed on her own experience, what she calls “the paradox of psychiatric methodology.” The topics include:

  • The short and long-term toxic effects of psychiatric medicine.
  • The significance of developing an awareness of latent mental cases.
  • An alternative analysis of mental illness based on the relationship between mind, body, and spirit.
  • How the integration of faith and science works together in the process of the holistic health metamorphosis.

In PARADOX, you will find a practical guide on the transdisciplinary approach including orthomolecular nutrition and mind-body-spirit homeotherapy to achieve life transcendence.

"This book is dedicated to those who have deep insecurity rooted in their heart without knowing it; who believe in the tangible, but not the intangible; who believe in the temporal but not the spiritual; who believe in others, but not themselves; who believe in the certainty of past experiences, but not the possibility of the future."

Paradox: Overcoming my battles with schizophrenia and learning to heal