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PARADOX Overcoming Compilation 




PARADOX overcoming, is the compilation of PARADOX Book Collection. A real-life story about me being sealed in a drum from shady hearts ----

  • A haunted marriage led to 7 years Diagnosis Murder by medicine
  • A living show of besieged by end time narcissists
  • A salvation reaches me all through my life, long before I can understand
  • A holistic recovery from severe insomnia with the perfect integration of faith and science
  • An alternative understanding of mind, body and spirit to true health

At the end of reading, you will find that we are all an integral part of the universe.
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This is the Compilation of PARADOX Book Collection. The idea of this collection comes from the concept of Performance Art of life in writing:
Life is fragmented. There is not a single thing, a single element, a single reflection or a single meaning. When these pieces scrambling together, that is the life, a PARADOX.

All the 5 plus 1 supplement books in PARADOX collection are all one of the aspects drawn and developed from this Compilation. They are dedicated on one topic for the readers who are specifically interested in one field:
Book One: Besiege – The menticides of end time narcissism
Book Two: Mama in the Candlelight – Transmitted trauma between generations
Book Three: The Battle – Back to reality from lucid dream

Supplement book : Twisted – Documentary of lawful crime (publish date to be announced)
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For more information of my books, please refer:
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PARADOX Overcoming : My Battle with Diagnosis Murder by Medicine

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  • If you are interested in full scope of my reflection in the related fields of spirituality, religious discussion, the turbulent trauma transmitted among generations in China, and my successful transcendence on my holistic health and life, please find more in my full collection, PARADOX:

    • The Battle
    • Besiege
    • Mama in the Candlelight
    • Balance
    • The Invisible Power
    • And PARADOX – The compilation