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3rd BOOK in PARADOX Collection: THE BATTLE




Life is full of paradoxes.

THE BATTLE is the 1st book in my PARADOX collection.

In this book, I focus on my suffering from long-term mental syndrome developed from my childhood, then diagnosed as schizophrenia later on. My deadly experience from psychiatric medicine leaded me to the road for change.  I took myself as a lab-rat to explore holistic recovery. Practicing while learning, I finally won the battle with mental disease.

I reflect on my health and life, develop several discussions about mental condition we may rarely talk about previously, which I call “The Paradoxes”:

  • Medicine can’t cure mental conditions at all.

  • Congenital vs. nurturing factors of the mental condition.

  • Lies are the major cause of schizophrenia.

  • Root categories of a mental condition: passive vs. active form

  • Schizophrenia vs. spiritual sensitivity.


At the end of the book, I shared my holistic approach with the integration of faith and science in my health metamorphosis.

The Battle - Back to Reality from the Lucid Dream

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