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Season: Recommended in Spring  

Good For Organs:  

              Yin Organ - liver,  

              Yang Organ - gallbladder,  

              Sensory organ - eyes.  

Emotion: Anger destroys the energy of wood.  

Music + Binaural Recommended: 

Woody music + Birds + Water 

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Wood: Enchanted Forrest. When working too hard, Wood elements is diminished in the connection of human trinity as mind, body and spirit. The first thing we have to maintain is the liver. Because the liver is the organ that stores blood in the body, it has to work hard excrete the toxins produced by fatigue and stresses. The five elements are originally born in the direction of liver→heart→spleen→lung→kidney. If the liver is overworked and weak, the heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys will all be affected, and the anger accumulated by lack of sleep will hurt the liver first. They correspond to the Yin organ of liver and Yang organ of gallbladder of the human body, contain a large amount of chlorophyll, vitamins and cellulose, and can assist the organs to expel toxins from the body.

Wood: Enchanted Forrest

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