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Recommendation to use in the season of early summer (or dry summer in some climate zones).  

Good For Organs:  

Yin Organ - heart,  

Yang Organ - small intestine,  

Sensory Organ - Skin 

The emotion of Excitement and wild joy diminishes Fire Energy in the human health trinity of body, mind and spirit. 

Music + Binaural recommended: 

wind instruments + fireplace + ASMR 



The heart belongs to fire. At the time of early summer (or the whole summer is dryness in some areas), it is easy to get restless. The mood of floating and impulsive is especially easy to get aroused, manifested as the heartbeat speeds up, and then body manifestation puts a burden on the heart. The most important thing in early summer is to nourish the heart. Holistic health can be only acquired from the persistence of a long-term mindful lifestyle. As the principle of mutual restraints from Five Elements, the kidney (water) restrains the heart fire, and nourishing the kidney Chi in winter is a far-sighted method. This is the traditional way to preserve health to achieve high quality longevity in Chinese ancient wisdom which explained as “Cure the imbalance from the opposite seasons”. Vice versa, if the complexion tone is not ruddy and juicy enough, or the limbs are cold, these people have weak and cold constitutions. They are the ones having cold body attributes should dedicate to improve the health balance in Summer.

Fire: Another Shore

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